´The starting point for the project ´artists on location - artists in motion´ was the wish to bring a group of artists from various countries together in a new surrounding. During a two week ´project phase´ at the laboratoriium (the project space of the Center of Contemporary Art, Warsaw)the artists worked on the theme ´motion/standstill´ in differing media.The work created was first shown in the Laboratorium at the conclusion of the project phase and then later at the gallery Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow and in the artLab of the gallery Hilger, Vienna. ´artists on location - artists in motion´ is a privately initiated project that was realized in collaboration with several institutions but with any main responsible organisation.
14 young artists from A, PL, D, F, I ans USA, whose work has dealt with the chosen theme, were invited to participate. With Warsaw a place was chosen that finds itself in flux and motion, and thus awoke a sence of curiosity in us. In the process of assembling a group, we took care to gather a variety of work, media and attitudes. The basic idea was to create a ´laboratory´ space that would allow exchange and confrontation among the artists. A space should be created, where, apart from the everyday studio work environment and the automation of doing, and in time frame of 2 weeks, it would be possible to work.
The artists came with no finished work. Everything was produced on location in an intensive atmosphere of communication, production and being.
The various imaginations, expectations, prejudices, ... met each other and through unexpected experiences, the participants could expand their perception.´